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Choosing SEO package #1 - is a walk in the park.

You are renting the space we have created for your business category and city.

If, after six months you do not like your results - you move out and it becomes available for another business. 

Choosing SEO package #2    Organic SEO  Will Take 

Your Commitment  To Teamwork

It takes TEAM WORK & a SEO Coaches' knowledge ....to achieve your goals.

You are competing with hundreds and sometimes thousands of websites for those first page positions.  

While many of our prospective clients already have completed websites that fill the Google criteria for best search engine results ... There are those clients who will need to do some work on their websites before we can guarantee the best outcome of first page Google. This generally takes two to four weeks  or less to shape up your website for best  results - and it has happened overnight. We often find our clients over the AD words, or just under.  Please review the right column criteria. 

Step #1.

With your first months deposit in place...

We analyze your website and come back to you with changes to be made that will further your success.  As soon as this is completed, we can move forward with our search engine optimization.


The web search engines are constantly changing their algorithms.  As much as we would like to guarantee your website will always appear (daily) on first and second page - the SEO Package #1 is the only one that can guarantee that.

Step #2

You select the cities/county/regions you want to come up for and the categories. We suggest the correct Title.  Once this is in place, we can begin.


When you are unclear on your best and most effective key-words, we can assist.

Step #3

We submit your website to Google according to your decided package and dates to submit. (We understand hundreds of companies will submit the first day of the month and push one another down in those 24 hours of the 1st day or 15th of the month.  We choose other date(s) and the results maintain positions better.)

Step #4

We send you a monthly e-mail report regarding our findings of your website on Google.

As you have time, you may check our findings.