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Business Marketing in 2016

       Business Marketing Is Changing - ARE YOU?


If you want to change your outcome - then you must be willing to make CHANGES. You Either - Learn It - or Delegate It.

MARKETING A Business has changed overwhelmingly in the past 3 to 5 years.

During the past 26 years of the JR Publications business, Judith Rivers-Moore has educated clients on marketing their business.  The overwhelming changes made in the past half decade are challenging even to those with strong knowledge of the internet, search engine optimization and social media.  The drastic changes brought on by Google are resulting in businesses floundering on the internet from lack of knowledge and valuable time to learn the new rules that are constantly changing.

The College Classroom Engagements Cover ... 

"Marketing Concepts For Growing A Business In 2016"

Various Marketing Formulas - The Magic Checklist - Learn To Delegate

The Brief Speaking Engagements For Luncheons & Dinners Cover ...

"Marketing Your Business In 2016"

Budget - What's Available Today -  Direction -  Learning Curves - Time Saving Ideas  

The One-Person Seminars Covers ...

"Where Could Your Business Be When You Apply Today's Marketing Methods"

Goal Setting - The Magic Check List - SEO For Websites - Great Social Media Tools -  

                            Each includes handouts & resources related to the topic.

Luncheon & Dinner Keynote Speaker - 45 minutes to 1 hour - $ 500.

Marketing Seminars - 6 Hour Day with Luncheon - $ 1500.

We are happy to e-mail you the OUTLINE for the 6 Hour Day Seminar.

"The Newest & Proven Marketing Methods Seminar" Handout. The Seminar Publication is twenty-five pages covering how to build your website to gaining visibility on Search Engines, your business mindset, newest tools & more. 

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