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Marketing Services For All Types of Small Business With Search Engine Optimization
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We Provide Our Clients With ... Personalized Marketing Services That Enhance Their Visibility To Prospective Clients.  Local SEO Experts provide only "white hat methods". 

We offer a variety of marketing packages, consultation and respond to your specific requests:

  • Website  or Brochure Content Writing
  • Press Releases
  • Several options for Search Engine Optimization 
  • Circle of Influence Marketing Expansion Ideas
  • Leads

For a client's visibility improvement we may suggest:

Constructive Changes To A Client's Website".

Our SEO Services For Mobile Friendly & Responsive Websites, can submit: Website Address, Sub-Webpages, Blogs, YouTube Videos and Your Pinterest Board addresses. 

Local SEO Experts can set up an Analytics Page to monitor

where your traffic is coming from. Your staff reviews this.

For Organic SEO clients, we do a brief monthly report on where we find your website on the Google search engine.

We provide Tips & Education with videos and our Blog:

LocalSEOexpertsBiz - Newsletter provides a variety of tips on improving your website SEO.

Additional Marketing Services:

  • Content Writing - edited and complete at $50.00 per hour
  • Press Releases - interview time for subject, writing and local release $500.00. National release $1,000.
  • Set up Google Maps Page - $200
  • Set up Google Analytics for Client - $200
  • Graphic and web designers are available
  • Set up Social Networks 
  • Reputation Building
  • LEADS Seeking Your Business - e-mail leads.
  • Complete P.R. materials and publications.

JR is a publisher with 25 years experience:
  • We publish Wedding & Honeymoon Magazines & Websites.  We offer link packages and advertising on these for the wedding and romantic travel industry.

  • Best Style Wedding & Honeymoon Magazine Advertising
  • Wedding & Honeymoon Link Packages in our web portals
  • Marketing Seminar Leader For Your Group (CEO and owner Judith Rivers-Moore offers a two-hour Marketing Seminar with printed materials. )

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Search Engine Optimization on Google Search

No Pay-Per Click Ad Words - 

No Bidding Wars For A Key-Term or City/County/Region 

No Competitor Clicking On Your AD Words & Running Up Your Bill

Your FIRST PAGE Google - by Calling ...

707-546-1623      JR@SEOexperts.biz

SEO Package #1 - EXCLUSIVE Rental of 

First Page Google Position  

Quoted Priced depending on the size of the city. 

We have pre-placed website **pages that are on " first page Google" for your chosen category, key word and city. With your deposit, these are personalized with your business criteria.  Our service keeps up with the Google algorithm changes on your website, and for a monthly fee, your business stays on top in the first page - in view of PC and mobile friendly product users.  Less expensive than AD words

** It is a known marketing fact - than even a personal referral, the prospect goes to Google web to find your subject and category.

Depending on the Contract, we request you fill out a specific Guidance Form to run an analysis on your website changes required for Google visibility.  This is faxed or e-mailed to you.

Organic SEO  Is Non-Exclusive - A Flat Monthly Fee -Based On  Category and Chosen Cities   YOU choose the marketing cities and we suggest the best key-search-words for your business.  Depending on the size of the city and popularity of a key-search word, it can take one day to a month for your website to appear in the first or second page. 

#2 - $1200.  Submit Four web addresses For Twelve Months - your web address or alternate between two sub-webpage addresses to the Google Search Engine.

#3 - $800.   Submit Two Web Addresses For Twelve Months. We submit your main website address or a sub-web-address to the Google Search Engine.   

#4  - $500.  Submit Six Months- For Your Prime Buying Season(s).  We submit your website address and two sub-web-addresses to the Google Search Engine. These are the six months you request with your chosen key-search words and city/regions. 

Third SEO Service - $50. per month for 4 links

This is a Link in our first page area portal specific to your category... FindTheBest.biz  

The site usually appears on the first page of Google for specific categories in major cities.  This is for local marketing. You choose your marketing area, and we link you with brief description. "The public wants to find the best!"

                   Call  707-546-1623   - California


                                                      We review websites for, and have the right to refuse inappropriate web material.

Payment Policy:  Monthly Payments are available on each of our packages. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express credit cards, checks, and no cash. Payable to Office Extension.  (Your credit card will have Office Extension charge showing.)

No project is begun without the signed contract and the first month's deposit.  

For Organic SEO, we do require you fill out the form we send you.

Category and City Website Space Rental SEO is a first come first serve basis, requiring the first month deposit fee prior to holding the space. The rental areas may require two weeks to gain the first page permenant position. Fee is dependent on city/county/region chosen. A proposal and contract is submitted.  [ie] Additional 2nd and 3rd cities or areas chosen for a key-search receive discounts of 10%.

The organic SEO may appear within first submission on the first two pages. This is dependent on other submissions of SEO and will often take two or more submissions to gain the first page.  Sometimes we find a client above the Google AD words. 

We offer TERMS - Organic Search Engine Optimization

#1 Rental Package can be divided into 12 monthly installments with deposit used as your last months rent.

#2 Package  $1200:  $100.00 per month or quarterly at $300 per quarter. Full Payment - Package reduced by $100.

#3 Package $800:  $66.66 per month or quarterly at $200 per quarter.  Full Payment - Package reduced by $50.

#4 Package $500 - no terms, no discounts.

#5 Leads this is quoted individually 707-539-3585

ABOUT Organic SEO -  Exclusive Client in One Category - Designed With 3 unique packages.

This Involves more of your time, and we work as a team to complete your present webpage rise to the top of the Google search engine. Our Search Engine Optimization Services Work For Your: Webpage Address or Sub-webpage addresses.  We also do Blog addresses and YouTube Video addresses. Our systems can work you into position  - often within a week.

This is organic SEO and your page will fluctuate on the first two pages of Google depending on other companies submitting their clients.

  • We ask for your cooperation in completing corrections on your website, and it must offer smart phone access.
  • We request you fill out our guidance form for best results.
  • We research your site and make recommendations for you and your webmaster to complete before we go forward with submissions. 
  • Once our recommendations are complete, we  submit your web address and follow up with an e-mail that includes: date of submission and list of key-search used in the city region//county/state you requested.
  • Many local submissions are up within three days, and some overnight for the YouTube videos.

If necessary, a client can be advised on best key-search terms.