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Contractors Of Every Type will benefit from our Marketing Services.  Please ... 

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Architects, Construction, Electrical, Plumbers, Iron & Steel Fabricators, Remodels, Roofers, Solar & Interior Design.

Our marketing support includes: content writing, press releases, reputation building, branding, social media, business leads, mobile APP development, mobile websites, education with our blog,  

and first page Google search engine optimization.  

First SEO Service

Our Monthly RENTED position provides an exclusive SEO position on Google from our company.  Local SEO works with one client for the specific marketing area(s) you choose.  The fee is a quote dependent on size of the city(s) and number of key-searches chosen.  Choose your cities and the type of surgery you want to be first page on Google for and we produce your results.

Second SEO Service 

is Non-Exclusive: we work with you on your website and bring it up to first page Google visibility on a continuing monthly or bi-monthly basis. This takes "teamwork between us for perfect results".  This method often requires subtle changes on your website.  The packages are a flat  monthly fee, determined by the number of cities and category key-searches you choose to appear for. 

Our SEO services work for Websites, YouTube, Blogs, individual website sub-page addresses and Pinterest Board addresses.

Social Media:

Many of our clients believe Social Media Marketing is vital to their business.  We offer a posting service for your Social Media and we also offer a tool you may rent that saves you time and frustration. 

It posts to all at the same time.  

Business Leads: Please inquire with business category and with your marketing region(s).

Marketing Tip.....

Placing a link to an often viewed video or your own business Video

will improve your rankings on the search engines. Illustration

Architects - .VIDEO 

Roofer Video

Solar Panel Video

Why is Google Search So Important?  Because 73% of web users - search on the Google Search Engine.

80% of mobile web users are on Google search. Because of this, they announced April 21, 2015 changes to their algorithms:  You must have a mobile friendly website - according to their rules for future visibility.

Google Is Always Changing Their Algorithms - Can you or your staff keep up?  Our services factor the constant changes and keep you in the top visibility for chosen key-searches.