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Attorney Marketing Services On The Internet & Gaining Your

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Your knowledge & professional services are vital to the prospect. The KEY is to be in front of their eyes as they seek your services.  Our Marketing Solutions and Search Engine Optimization place you first page of Google In 2016 word of mouth, signage, networking associations and most of all, the "often researched" Google internet search engine first page position are your primary marketing tools.  People using search engines often do not go beyond the 2nd page of Google.  Our services navigate the constant algorithm changes and bring you to the first page of Google. with white-hat methods.  

Our marketing support includes: content writing, press releases, reputation building, branding, social media, business leads, mobile APP development, mobile websites,  education with our blog,  

and first page Google search engine optimization - SEO.  

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SEO Service:

is Non-Exclusive: we work with you on your website and bring it up to first page Google visibility on a continuing monthly and bi-monthly basis. This takes "teamwork between us for perfect results".  This method often requires subtle changes on your website.  The packages are a flat  monthly fee, determined by the number of cities and category key-searches you choose to appear for. 

Our SEO services work for Websites, Website sub-page addresses, YouTube, Blogs, Social Media addresses, and Pinterest Board addresses.

Social Media Tools or Service:  

We can handle your social media and blogs. Or rent you the tool that provides ease in handling many social media at one time. We also have a blog writer if required.