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Marketing The San Francisco  BAY AREA population ...

ADDS up to reaching 9 Counties and a hundred and one cities with your product or service.  This does not include the thousands that VISIT the areas in the BAY Area of Northern  California.

Reaching the residents, the workers and the visitors is a huge goal.  We do know some of the quickest reaches are the smart phones accessed through Google first and second page links for specific local areas.  The radio advertising and after that everything diminishes in numbers.   What most people do not know, is that many people (over 80%) in their web searches pass over the advertised links and move toward the ORGANIC LINKS.  So much in marketing areas this large, entails FOCUS and DEVELOPMENT on one or two strategies. So What Is The Best FIT For You.  We think we can help you develop the best Strategy. 

Our marketing support includes: SEO, content writing, press releases, reputation building, branding, social media, business leads, mobile APP development, mobile websites, education with our blog,  

and first page Google search engine optimization.  

Local SEO Experts offers ease in branding your business, keeping you at the top of Google search engine and increasing your revenues...  

                             Call 707-539-3585 for free half-hour marketing consultation.

We relieve the marketing stress found in...

     Constant search engine changes

     Finding the next client

     Comprehending the market place changes

Review Our Fees Discussed Below

First SEO Service

Our Monthly RENTED position provides an exclusive SEO position on Google from our company.  Local SEO works with one client for the specific marketing area(s) you choose.  The fee is a quote dependent on size of the city(s) and number of key-searches chosen.  Choose your cities and the type of surgery you want to be first page on Google for and we produce your results.

Second SEO Service is Non-Exclusive: we work with you on your website and bring it up to first page Google visibility on a continuing monthly or bi-monthly basis. This takes "teamwork between us for perfect results".  This method often requires subtle changes on your website.  The packages are a flat  monthly fee, determined by the number of cities and category key-searches you choose to appear for. 

Our SEO services work for Websites, YouTube, Blogs, individual website sub-page addresses and Pinterest Board addresses.

Social Media Tool:  We have a management tool for Social Media.  You are welcome to our services with this unique tool, or  we rent it to you for your staff to initiate weekly.   

Special Leads:  We do have a leads service. Please inquire.