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It is true ...  When you have to do something for yourself, you become a better student and often a very good teacher.

Over Twenty-Five years ago J.R. Publications began as a wedding book publisher in a little known area of Sonoma County, California's wine country.  Judith Rivers-Moore wrote a wedding planner for the region and promoted it on radio, trade shows and began an advertising business that led to being one of the first wedding websites in the world... WeddingLinks.com.  In the process, the Sonoma and Napa wine country wedding areas of California became the 2nd favorite destination wedding area of the USA.

The websites were added in 1995 and the business grew from three local counties to nationwide. They are now a worldwide linking portal (web platform).  Following The Marketing RULE of "To Go Where The Brides Are! The print books have modernized into digital magazines.

"Best Style California Wedding & Honeymoon"  with 10 planning

sections of California - complete with venues and wedding services.  This is now an affliate business to be adopted state by state.  We provide the education and systems to develop the products.  

The excitement of an Online Magazine is:

IT Links directly to an advertising client's website or video address.  

IT opens on a Smart Phone

IT looks like any ad, the phone number address are handy.

IT can enlarge the page for easy reading.

In the process, JR Publications must constantly learn and keep up with the Google techniques on web marketing that are occurring. This is to the benefit our the advertisers and marketing seminar audiences.  We are presently in the process of moving our websites onto Mobile Friendly Portals.

Search Engine Optimization and Marketing strengths in this ever-changing environment are part of the packages offered to all styles of business.  

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