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TIPS on Marketing Your Business

A new business can take 3 to 5 years in building a reputation.  Marketing methods have changed quickly over the past five years and we see huge changes coming to ferret out small business.  Marketing IS VITAL to all businesses, practices, services, professionals & home businesses.

1. Agree that marketing your business is worth your time and effort every week. If it is not worth your personal effort, then have one of your employees do this a portion of their time....or hire a quality marketing service that will guide you toward success.  Understand your ROI, return on investment. What is your business getting out of what you spend on marketing.  A few new customers that spend $20o.  $200o. $20,000 with you. The magic number is five new interested customers/calls to understanding value of your marketing investment.  

In all marketing, IT IS UP TO YOU to achieve the final client with your follow-up, statements, reputation and quality of service.

2. Find one day a week where you concentrate on the business marketing.  Lay out a plan, and consistently work the plan. This type of plan includes:

methods, time you will spend, expense and budget guidelines.  Understand yourself - if you hate being public & personable - don't do a trade show.

3. Develop marketing methods & reputation building of YOUR business.  Use of leads, phone calls, visits to prospects.

4. Put your best Grammar & Spelling Foot Forward. into your P.R. materials (brochures, business cards, signage, phone messages... begin to implement the TOP marketing ideas. Review these once a year for any changes/corrections. 

5.  Create, and update your webpage every few months.

6.  Complete your mobile webpage.

7.  Get your webpage to first or second page Google & on other searches. (Understand it takes special Search Engine Optimization methods to achieve this. Submitting a website to a search engine can take up to two years to appear within the first 2 or 3 pages - if ever - without special SEO marketing services)

8.  Get your social media and exposure to a larger audience

9.  Use Your Time with networking groups - meeting other businesses/associations.

10. Join a few organizations that people turn to when needing your services

11. Decide on where you will advertise and spend funds.

12. Look for advertisers or marketing services that give you guidance in marketing beyond what they do, or can make good recommendations, advice, counseling, and years of a good reputation.

PS.  Understand there are Full Service Marketing Companies, SEO services only,  Leads, Press Release Services, Social Media Services, Content Writing Services.  Blog Writers,  Website Building, Mobile Advertising or App Building.......  

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